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Welcome to the Clothing Factory section of the India Fashion website.  In this section of our directory, you will find information regarding India clothing factories.  If you are looking for a company in India to produce your clothing, this is a good place for you to begin your research.

Choosing an Indian manufacturer for high-end apparel may not be as easy as one would think. Similar to any country, India has both highly qualified factories as well as some not so qualified factories.  When researching an apparel manufacturer it is important to review their facility very carefully.
If you are not very familiar with the risks of sourcing apparel in India (same risks as any other country), you may wish to consult with sourcing agents.  However, you should always keep in mind to discover if the agencies allegiance is with you or with the factory.  If you are sourcing fashion in India that is either high-end or for the mass market, it may be difficult to determine a qualified factory by simply looking at their web sites, or by sending a few e-mails.  It is important to use referrals, independent factory inspection audits, visit the factories facilities, etc.  If you can afford to do so, we would suggest all of the above.

The India Fashion website does NOT make clothing factory recommendations.  We do NOT do factory inspections for any of the manufacturers listed on our website.  We are simply listing for your convienence clothing factories in India.  We are NOT saying that these are the best India clothing factories.  When sourcing apparel from India, you must do your own research on each company.  Please utilize this apparel manufacturers directory and the companies listed at your own risk.

One of the reasons for the economical pricing of India's ready made garments and apparels is the availability of highly skilled, cheap labor in the country.  If you do the proper research, you will surely find an India clothing factory to meet your needs.

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Alpha Clothing : a new line manufacturer and exporter in garment export industry, is the rebirth of the garment manufacturing unit started in the year 1996 for domestic customers. This new adaptation is done by keeping in mind the rising global demand for comfortable and trendy wardrobe collection. They read the mind of their customers and guarantee the international standard of garments. Their garments range meets up with the International Consumer requirements and test standards of Fabric & Garments.  Their products are quality tested with various criteria for color fastness, AZO-free, shrinkage, flammability, wearing comfort, durability and feel. Their buyers are scattered globally.

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Note: The comments written about the factories may sound like reviews or endorsements.  However, please note that we do NOT make recommendations regarding any of these garment factories.  The comments are based on wording presented by the companies.  For example, if the descriptions says "they are the best clothing factory", that means their company at some point indicated that they are the best.  That is NOT our review indicating that they are the best factory.

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